Harmet Construction

Building Processes

Project preparation
The customer’s wish, architectural solutions and vision. Design and coordination with the customer.

Production and quality control
The bulk of the work is done under controlled conditions at the factories that ensure high quality of production.

We use only CE-marked materials for the production of the modules; the entire production process and the products are subject to strict quality requirements and comply with the ETA-16/0187 certificates issued to us.

Transport as appropriate
The modules are lifted on trucks and then on board a ship. Maximum module dimensions: 15.6 m long, 5.2 m wide and 5.6 m high.

Assembly and delivery of the building to the customer
The modules are assembled on a pre-prepared site; all relevant licenses for both scaffolding and
machinery have been obtained. After the assembly of the modules, interior finishing will take place
and after the final quality control the house is handed over to the customer.
Due to our professional team, we are able to offer our customers also other general construction
work in addition to the construction and assembly of modules – tiling, painting, electrical work,
heating, plumbing and ventilation works.